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23April 0152

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I will add some more photos soon. I built the trailer in Atlantic Canada. I had to move from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia mid way through the construction. I also drove it unpainted to Newfoundland where I painted it in my father in law's nice garage. The metal work done by a trailer guy in New Brunswick (Blackhawk Trailers) and I constructed the rest of it in my yard using a tarp to cover it during frequent rain.The structure is 1/4 exterior grade spruce plywood with pine 1x2 frame, and pink Styrofoam insulation, all glued with poly construction adhesive and screwed. The floor is 1/2 inch spruce plywood. Once the structure was together I West System epoxied over it. The bottom was also rubber coated with rocker guard. The paint is an elastomeric paint and the roof is also, a heavy duty elastomeric membrane for the roof. The trim is aluminum and poplar wood. Tires are 14 inch and I have electric brakes. Interior walls are covered in a decorative vinyl. The shape is basically the roof line from a Toyota Matrix and I have about an inch of clearance over my head at the door. It has two double sleeping bunks, one that drops down like in old trains and a table that changes into a bed, both located in the front. There is a work space with a granite top (kitchen island on wheels) that can quick release. All the contents can be removed in a few minutes. So in my mind it can legally retain it's title as a utility trailer, as it does. I have no propane or cooking appliances as this is done outside using a butane stove. I have a small hole in the floor where I pass an extension cord from a commercial power bar that is attached to the island. From this I run a small heater and a clamp on light. To me it is a great camper and I often call it a RIGID TENT. I travel with my wife and two children. In hind site the process was much more difficult than I imagined. The most challenging part was the windows. I didn't really plan them out other than when building the side walls. This forced me into having to build the windows to fit the hole. My intent was to have side windows that open but I settled on fixed ones that are basicly safety glass cut to size and capped with aluminium. The front and rear windows were from an old camper. I am happy I spent the extra money on the electric brakes. The paint scheme was also a tough decision.

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