ADK Thank You Note From Food Pantry

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ADK Thank You Note From Food Pantry

Postby boomer » Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:53 pm

I posted this on the ADK thread but I thought others might like to read it......sorry that it is addressed to us personally but they did know that the donation was from a camping group....

Dear Ed and Becky,
The Ecumenical Charity Program thanks you for your donation of food and $80.00. Without the support and donations and volunteers, the program would no be possible. During the month of June, 2009, the Food Pantry was able to assist 166 households consisting of 234 children and 275 adults, distributing 499 bags of food. In addition to food the Ecumenical Charity Program also assisted with energy costs, transportation, rental costs, etc. Due to the increase, again, in costs of energy, the Ecumenical Charity Program has expended more monies this year than in previous years. The Ecumenical Charity Program has also found that state organizations that granted $12,000 to the program last year have cut the program to$7,000 (a loss of $5,000) at the time of definite concern on the needs of those who are working for minimum wages or lost of their jobs/and or have had their work hours reduced. Food prices are also escalating due to increased energy costs while wages are not increasing or are becoming non-existent. The majority of those benefitting from the Ecumenical Charity Program are those individuals who work in restaurants, stores, motels, hotels, etc.
They are working individuals in need. All those who work for, support and use the Ecumenical Charity Program are thankful for you donations.

Again we thank you for you donation. With your generous donation, The Ecumenical Charity Program is able to carry on with its mission of helping those who are in need.


Judith A. Clausing- Lundin

Note: The Ecumenical Charity Program has not provided Ed and Becky Murray in whole or in part, any goods or services in exchange for their donation.
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