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NH Foliage

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:06 pm
by RJ Howell
Sorry I didn't post here earlier..

All areas north of Pittsburg were burnt through last week. Reports coming in were, shall I say, bogus..

Now, points just south of Pittsburg into Colebrook and across Dixville Notch into Grafton Notch were absolutely gorgeous!
Amazing run through there!

We're off again tomorrow to check yet another run: Sandwich Notch into the White Montain NF area. Have a couple other roads leading in I've yet to explore and think this is the time to do so!

So videos Part 7&8 are in the area of color. Part 8 is a new region for me and will return possible late this or early next as the color comes in.

Part 6 has what came out best of my wife getting some time behind the wheel!

The next series of the NH Foliage 2020 run will be just a bit south of there.