coffee the life blood of the open range cowboy.

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coffee the life blood of the open range cowboy.

Postby slowcowboy » Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:17 am

going to be long and Wyoming windy here.

Hello, old slow back on here or slowcowboy!
yea, shes 2 am.............oh, well..........perfectly normal with this Wyoming guy!

we got into ranch style chuck wagen cooking this winter. it was a way to cure the blues from packing heart break after the mess with the girl I almost married 3 years ago.
I went off the deepend after the breakup and its taking a while to taw out. lately we are on a up wared mend and feeling a heck of a lot better inside.

all I will say on that stuff is education.

anyways to help out on the blues and some lonesome stuff we been hunting up new hobbys to switch the brains from women and romance over to something more better
or constructive as my mom says.

so we got to cleaning up our cooking skills. I look at it this way ....."if you can't give the ladys green, hell, .. fill there bellys and feed them good food".

so we got bored again and was poking around on utube to stay away from facy book.............and found kent rollings a seymore texas ya world wide professional
chuckwagen cook that travels around and makes a living at it..........being as I am a former open range cowboy here in Wyoming with a 8 year carer in the sadde for a
steady job. I decided to check him out...........and the habit and a new hobby started so it was off to crowheart store on my way down country in my current job as a
regualar propane bulk truck driver for ferrellgas and I got me some desil on my truck then took a quick bathroom break then came out and checked out crowheart stores

camping gear they are a tiney full size normal old time mercitail store and the only place in crowheart Wyoming. its just a store.

they had a big boiler type porclean coffee pot like 8 cups or 14 I latched on to it for 20 bucks.

then I came home and followed kent rollings form texas on the boiled coffee needless to say my first pot was bad and so was a lot of others. its a art I will amit that right off the bat to make a good pot of boiled cowboy we spent a few nights on weekends up all night........experimenting trowing ruined pots of coffee out on the garden tubs out door of the house...........after 8 pots last Saturday night then one more this moring..........we are down to what works........I started at yea
1 am last night and by 5 am I was down to 8 pots of coffee and getting the hang off it............

heres what I learned don't let the pot boil over or you got coffee grounds stuck to the insided of your pot you might as well pitch the pot!

but after all my long Wyoming yea stiff breeze 30 mph............heres what works. it can go two ways.........


1. get you a large boiler proclean coffee pot like 8cups or one of the little on cups they are blue and sold in the sporting goods store with the blue speckled cook ware.

you don't want one with perk style inards.....

2. warm the water perfrebly on medium high heat or just pure plain medum heat. don't let it boil over main thing at any time!

3. wack the heat up to medium high if needed to get to boil. don't let it boil though catcher fast and slow the heat down back to medioum when she first bubbles.
you want warm water but not boiling.

4. add the grounds to the warm water. on a one cuper pot I like to use. ( one cuper pot. to 1/4 in a coffee measure spoon or the first rivert. ) we are talking like

around 1/4 on a normal baking measer or 2 of the 1/4 backing meares cups on a 8 or 14 cupper pot. folegers works best. I am currently using Maxwell hourse as its what I had on hand in the house here in pville.

5. let the pot sit on medium heat and let her after she almost broke into a boil and you added the grounds and shut the boiling down let her sit on medium heat
and let it get into a nice slow slow rolling boil. just steady slow roll........we don't want no boiling over or that's disaster big time grounds stuck the sides of the pot.

let this boil on a nice slow roling boil just turning the water over nice slow no boiling over you don't want no bubble bath in your coffee pot and let it do this
for 4 mins or 5 or even 10 mins.

6. set the coffee pot off the burner and remove from the heat and let her sit 2 or 3 mins.

7. highly important.............this is so no grounds are in your coffee cup........

pour in the coffee pot spout a cup of cold water. .........then main thing most important let the hole coffee pot set for 5 mins and time it!

this lets the cold water work and it settles the grounds to the bottom of the coffee pot so you get no grounds in your cup........main thing.

8 then pour you a cup of boiled coffee and enjoy!

a lot of cowboys swear by this on the still operating ranches and the real still operating chuckwagen cooks in texas..........they still run chuckwagens on the rather
large texas ranches. they say that boiled coffee takes the acid out of the beans and you wont get any gutt Ache or belly aches on this coffee they say its highly
healthy and they prefer it to perk type coffee or any filters.

any ways heres ranch type boiled coffee.........

slowcowboy.....................come out to Pinedale Wyoming in july 22. and enjoy a pot with me at Walk the winds 2016! I plan to be doing some campfire cooking as the host. see ya all around! and I will set the coffee pot on for you!
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