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12V Freezer

Postby Lumpy Waters » Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:42 pm

The 12V fridges seem to be pretty popular these days. I'm curious if anyone uses one exclusively as a freezer to make ice for beverages, store frozen goods or freeze reusable ice packs. I have a small Dometic 18L fridge which has served well for weekend trips with a family of four and for weeklong solo trips. Usually if I desire clean ice cubes for beverages, I pack it in a separate small cooler which is good for 1 or two days at the most. Though it does have a small chiller section that stays 5-10 deg F warmer than the bottom of the main section, the fridge is basically a single zone unit that can be run either as a freezer or a fridge but not both. I've been thinking of using it as a freezer for the three purposes I mentioned above. My thinking is that, with a really good, well insulated 20-30 Qt cooler, I could rotate a set of reusable ice packs once per day from freezer to cooler, maintain ice cubes for beverages, and have a little bit of room for frozen goods. Another advantage would be that the cooler could easily be secured in a bear box if needed since it is not tethered to the trailer power. Has anyone employed a similar strategy? How has it worked out for you?
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Re: 12V Freezer

Postby western traveler » Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:46 pm

Interested in hearing about battery draw on one of those units.
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Re: 12V Freezer

Postby Socal Tom » Mon Feb 22, 2021 6:00 pm

western traveler wrote:For me dry ice in a good cooler (outside a sleeping compartment) works well for a few days keeping frozen goods/meals frozen. Interested in hearing about battery draw on one of those units.

I have the waeco Cf35, I usually use it as a fridge, on average over 24 hours it pulls 6 to 7 watts per hour.
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