PTI and YOM in California

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Postby DragonFire » Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:11 pm

Just a quick update: Got my CA PTI plate. And this weekend in Carmel I found a YOM plate...Aug 79 stickers, blue and gold, trailer configuration (2 letters/4 numbers)...just have to wait for the laws to change and I'll have that plate in use on my Grasshopper...

Problem is they are only doing YOM to 1969. Who knows when they will get around to including '79!!

But I'm ready :twisted:
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Re: PTI and YOM in California

Postby Nick Taylor » Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:25 pm

cuyeda wrote:
My 1957 Deville, when I tried to use the black with gold lettering that was on it when I purchased the trailer (incorrect for 1957 YOM). DMV said it couldn't be used as a PTI, and a new plate was issued. They wanted me to turn in the plate, I talked DMV into letting me keep it with a wink. Oh you mean you lost it right? Yep, I lost it. wink wink.

DMV made me surrender the plate on my 1971 trailer. I asked to keep it, but DMV stated I had to give it up. I should not have walked the plate in, and stated that it was lost. It was off the records after more than 7 years. My fault for not remembering the experience mentioned above.

Now if I could only get my 1947 22' trailer registered as a PTI, with the YOM plates would be a miracle. I jokingly said that to the nice lady helping me. She said funnier things have happened at the DMV, but even if I were to get it, police would pull me over someday knowing that the trailer can't be classified as PTI over 16 foot.


I got PTI registration on my old Benroy with the black 1963 plate. I had it at the time they switched over to PTI and the renewal form had a checkbox to select getting a new plate or a PTI sticker for the old one.
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