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Re: New favourite tool - a cordless router

Postby elcam84 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:01 pm

booyah wrote:Pretty sweet.

Didnt think it would do 1/2"
I may have to pick one up. At the price tag it seems like a winner.

For what its worth, I wasnt trying to get into a "My tools are better" thread. I will say the old ryobi nicads definitly used poorer cells. The current gen lithium though use the same samsung cells as the higher price brands.

For my uses the bright green stuff works as well as my friends red, and the other guys yellow, but I have a lot more variety, and have paid less. Win for me

Not saying some of their stuff isn't crap, but pick the right stuff and it is pretty dang nice especially when price is figured in.

Snapped off impacts though I've never heard or seen. I have their older impact driver (1500in/lbs p234g) and older impact wrench (200ft/lb p260) and both have been very solid tools and have been worked often and hard.

Nice. Nothing wrong with the ryobi as it has its place. I am looking at buying their cordless brad nailer. Pretty cheap and good reviews(better reviews than the $$$ ones).
Next time I get near a direct tools outlet I'll probably pick up a refurbished nailer and have another toy. Oh I also like the ryobi fan and their tool value for dollar is good. However in the field their batteries just don't last compared to anyone elses. More like an old NIMH drill. Not sure if it's a battery or maybe it's a motor/tool efficiency issue.

I see the original link was an Australian link. If you are there then you should be able to get CMT router bits which I like as well as their saw blades.

With routers as long as it has a collet that holds the bit without slipping (old craftsman routers were awful) and it has decent power the biggest issue is the bit. I have around 10 routers at the moment and wanting a couple more small ones... Can never have too many routers or clamps...

And for anyone in the Fort Worth area if you need to make up some stuff and don't have the tools etc I would be happy to share my shop just don't get hurt or break tools...

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