tankless,on demand water heaters ?

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tankless,on demand water heaters ?

Postby ADAM » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:09 pm

hello all thanks for your input,what is the best most reliable propane instant water heater in the market that can be mounted inside cargo trailer ? I find mix reviews on google
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Re: tankless,on demand water heaters ?

Postby daveesl77 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:48 am

I have a Triton 5L, actually the 2nd one I've owned and love it. You can mount a propane unit inside IF you provide proper ventilation. Many people have done it. Our first one was permanently mounted on the outside of our truck camper. This one, which we have been using for about 4 years now, mounts on a portable back plate that also contains a 12 volt pump. The plate attaches to either our galley setup (which rides outside the camper) or to a foldable 2 wheel cart, that allows it to be used in other locations. I have quick connects on all input lines, so it either easily attaches to city water or the pump. I have a 20' flex hose, that has no flavor, that we use for either dishes or outside shower. We use a single valve faucet on the sink, so I added in an on/off switch to control the burner, so if I only want cold water, I turn the heater off.

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