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Small spaces

Postby Cosmo » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:53 am

I was wondering if it’s a mind thing.

I have always enjoyed small spaces. When I was a kid I was always building tree houses, scrap wood kid cabins, igloos, blanket forts, tents, snow caves, debris shelters etc. I enjoyed cars where I could reach everything from the driver’s seat (including the rear crank up windows on my 64 Mustang). This Requires strict monitoring of the clutter factor (which sometimes gets the upper hand in my case until I purge. I live in a “normal size” apartment but still to this day enjoy the feel compact environments more than a huge "Great Room".

This seems to have carried over to adulthood. Of course the simplicity of a teardrop is a huge attraction for me. But I was wondering if the small space gene played any part in your attraction to teardrops?



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Re: Small spaces, i.e. man cave on wheels

Postby working on it » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:17 am

  • I like smaller enclosures, too. It's sorta a combination of my need to control my environment, and the "man cave " mindset many of us might have still residing in our gene pool. I'm sure that there's a reference to "man cave" syndrome, coming in a future DSM manual, since it's clearly a common disorder among modern American men, over-compensating for loss of personal power over much of our lives. I think that, once identified as such, the "man cave " disorder may make a baker's dozen of definable disorders (I prefer to call them "quirks" of my personality) I probably have.
  • My "man cave" is truly a cave, with dark interior/exterior walls and dimmable LED lighting, kept cool-like a cave-thru airconditioning and dark curtains, and entered by crawling under an overhead shelf (a spelunker's delight). It is actually been designated my "man cave", by my wife, since she has declared it to be too small, confining (coffin-like, she says), and too intricately complicated for her to use (she said she'd need a manual to use the various, Rube Goldberg-ish designs I packed into the trailer), so it is mine, and mine alone. I ostensibly constructed the trailer for her to use, but really made it for myself, so over-complication was integral to my nefarious? plans ( see Pinky and the Brain, for similar examples).
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