False Advertising equals potential Fun...

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False Advertising equals potential Fun...

Postby OCBINVA » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:05 am

This started off looking for a trailer to haul my motorcycle to sturgis rather than the flat bed that I have. On Craig's list I found advertised a cheap trailer with heavy duty axle and 15" wheels for $400. But it was close to 2 hours away from the house. Hard to tell from pictures so I asked for interior dimensions and the guy said it was 5 by 8 and 6' tall on the inside. My 2 main concerns were rust and a clean title. He said there was no rust.

So I drive all the way up there to find out The interior dimensions are 4 by 7 and 5' tall. The metal frame on the trailer's got some rust. And it's too small for my bike to fit into. So after sharing my thoughts on how he advertised I started to leave. He asked me what would I be willing to give. Being I was a bit upset as are the best I would do is $100. He said he really wanted out of his driveway and accepted.

I really don't have need for a trailer of this size but for a 100 bucks who can say no? I do have 3 vintage trailers and been intrigued with teardrop. So I figure I will convert this to a teardrop'ish like trailer. It's a very old UHAUL and after a 2 hour drive home in the rain it is completely dry inside.

Been I'm just over 6' tall so I have to come up with some ideas how to utilize the 7' space. I figure add a rooftop Carrier for kayak, insulinsute, A 100 W of solar. A couple windows, fan, a side door, small awning and maybe in floor storage. The aluminum skin over the plywood is completely shot so I might do poor man fiberglass or go get new aluminum to put on it. With the axle that It has I could even make it off road ish. I don't think Iwill have the space for a kitchenette in the rear. Right now I'm in brainstorming mode. If anybody has ideas regarding the kitchen let me know. I figure I'm just gonna have to make a table that hooks on the outside and do everything there.

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Re: False Advertising equals potential Fun...

Postby GPW » Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:24 am

Nice, and a real board floor ... :thumbsup:
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Re: False Advertising equals potential Fun...

Postby Padilen » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:51 am

Great deal, even if it's small!

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