Makerspace experience?

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Makerspace experience?

Postby Esteban » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:57 pm

Has anyone here used a local Makerspace, or other shared community work space, to help you build a teardrop trailer or parts of a teardrop? How helpful has it been?
Google map of makerspaces

I'm fortunate to have the nearby that I can use free with a library card (with limited hours). Or for $45/mo I can become a member with 24/7 hour access.

Their well outfitted wood shop with a 4' x 8' CNC routing machine really tempts me. To use the CNC I first need to take a $50 class and become a paid member. describes the facility and lists tools that are available.

Cutting out a teardrop's side wall profiles, galley hatch supports, and maybe the doors, on a CNC is very tempting. Access to a wider range of tools than I own would be nice too. Maybe there'd be people at the Makerspace to share ideas with and to lend a helping hand back and forth.
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