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Camping World unsubscribe

Postby les45 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:35 am

If you have ever dealt with Camping World and established an account, then you probably started getting a lot of emails that you didn't necessarily want. Even after unsubscribing, they just keep coming. This was happening to me until I went into my account to see why. It turns out that when you establish an account, Camping World automatically signs you up for emails in about 50 different categories for everything from RV sales to life insurance to Good Sam Club. When you unsubscribe from an unwanted email, you are only unsubscribing from that one type of thing and you will still get emails from the other 49. The only way to stop the emails completely is to go into your account and manually uncheck all 50 blocks that they added to your account.
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Re: Camping World unsubscribe

Postby Bill n Robi » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:39 am

Yeah, but you still get tons a snail mail for some reason. One of the things that worries me is the amount of mail I get that has my PII filled out on forms. AARP must be the source for half of the identy thefts for seniors.

Moving soon and most of this junk only forwards for 6 months then it starts returning to the new owner.
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Re: Camping World unsubscribe

Postby gudmund » Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:35 am

:thumbsup: I like Camping World - granted they send out a lot of trash, e-mail and snail mail - but - I love that $10 coupon they send me every 3 months good on anything (no minimum amount to buy - if the idem is $10, it's free with the coupon!! been doing it for years now, since 2012 when I got my teardrop) If they were depending on me too stay in business - they would be out of business being most of the time I am only buying what has already been discounted along with the coupon deals. Is Camping World my main spot for stuff? - NO! But they do had their place when looking for stuff they have in stock, that no one else carries. Can not believe some of the deals I have gotten - like when they discount their discount $$$'s!!! Like the $65 Camp Chef 2 burner carry bag - the GOOD one with wheels! They had it on sale for $30 - I get to the register and it rings up for $20 and when I ask why ?, I am told it's been on the discount rack too long - so I pull out the coupon and I than get it for $10 - now that was a deal or just a few weeks ago there is a pack of lithium battery's which sell for $13, being the last set on the rack, it's marked for less than $2 - I get to the register and the total rings up $0.07 - Yes 7 cents - 0.06 cents for the battery's and 0.01 sales tax!!! For $2, I was taking the chance whether they would even fit my camera? but THEY DID!! for $0.07 !!!!! Yes, I do like Camping World!!!! Plus, I think of all of toys I was able to buy for almost nothing in 2014/16 for the young ones at the last two IRG get-togethers I went too in Northern California - Thank You Camping World - GOOD MEMORIES!!!!! :)
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