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Postby Olddog1 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:31 pm

Let's see if I can get the pics to work
Ok FW checked your post over and realize it was a rough sketch and couldn't help but take a stab at it. I'll bring the originals to the woods this weekend. Went with the kiss system. No built in plumbing other than a gravity system. Showed the fridge/freezer you mentioned but for just weekend use I would go with 2 good coolers. One with dry ice for frozen, if that would even be needed over a weekend and one with block ice. Lighting would primarily be battery powered LEDs. The bed was the correct width and length but needed more head room. Went with wire or plastic baskets instead of built up drawers. Simple sink feed by gravity water tank draining into 5 gal. gray water tank. Because it doesn't cost anything at this point I added a lot of extra storage in, under and around the trailer. Keep in mind that man abhors an empty hole and will try to fill it. There are plenty of empty holes in here. Included a Luggable Loo which also simplifies plumbing. The bulkhead between the galley and bed is to keep some of the cooking residue contained. The notch in the wall is from my hunt camp days when it was nice to just roll over and light the burner for that first cup of caffeine without getting out of bed. The bulkhead also offers hard points for shelf, counter, bed etc. Stayed with the folding table but went with chairs vs stools. With the table down and the chairs folded there is 20+ square feet of open floor space. Not bad for a 54 square foot camper. I think my math is correct. Wiley windows over the bed which could be much smaller but wanted to do the fish cutout in one. You said man cave so some tree branches or driftwood for shelf retainers, antlers for clothes hangers. Room for backpack, kayak gear, fishing poles. Didn't draw the kayak on the roof. Oh, Trinity get almost as much room as you.
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Re: Stand in

Postby FloridaWild » Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:20 pm

Olddog1 wrote: Oh, Trinity get almost as much room as you.

The dog house under the bed, was a nice touch! :thumbsup: I like what you've done, but the fridge is going to be a necessity. After all, what's a man cave, without the beer fridge? Always hate having to worry about ice too. Originally thought about building on a chassis, built from scratch, but now trying to see if I can work it out on a NT 5x8 trailer. It would kind of simplify the build and would probably have no issues with tagging it. Descisions descisions. :thinking:
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Re: Stand in

Postby jandmz » Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:41 pm

Have you considered the "Compact" design in the rescued design library? It is based on an old fiberglass egg design that uses a simple lifting roof, instead of a dropped floor to make it a "standy". A 5' 8" or 6x10 (nominal), it has plenty of room for a small popup camper style fridge, and the size can be modified for several different bed arrangements. It should be possible to build it light enough for your Frontier to tow easily.
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