parts other want to get rid of

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parts other want to get rid of

Postby Ron Dickey » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:40 pm

In all the years I have belonged to this forum Parts have been hardest for me.
lists all kinds of parts and where you can get them.

I have been to lots of gatherings and many of the member have parts for sale they did not use.
Under for sale below you find trailers for sale but rarely parts.

When I build my first one it was mostly Home Depot or Ace for many parts and the once place I got my windows and other parts retired & they would take a check.

I know they are out there but each time I have to search. I am 500 miles south of the Bay Area and north of LA

I have had conversations with members on and off the forum who have parts they have offered to sell and I have bought.

It seems to me there should be a Parts for sale or trade. I wonder how many of our members never got their project off the ground and stuck with parts they will never use. I am sure many have gone to craigs list or such.

But there are many who just want to help fellow teardropers finish that project. And build a new friendship!

Maybe if below on the forum it said "for sale trailers and Parts. "

Just a thought.
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