IVA DOT approval and 43R Glazing

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IVA DOT approval and 43R Glazing

Postby UK-Corlett » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:27 am

Hi all UK Europe builders, do not disrepair.

IVA – Individual Vehicle Assessment

I have just finished my TD and it has just passed its IVA. I guess that makes me an expert of sorts.
The paperwork is confusing, which could do with a comprehensive how to guide.
For example it took ages to discover that although your trailer needs a VIN number, sometimes called a Trailer Identification Number they are the same thing and within guidelines you just make one up.

I was not looking forward to this part of the build. I am a professional engineer and consider solutions to be the result of thought, calculation and best practice. Unfortunately the IVA process is universally manned by dedicated readers of the book who are proud not to interpret it.

This lead to an issue with my wonderful curved polycarbonate windows. Initially a show stopper and nearly lead to a chainsaw party and a plan to put the whole thing in a skip.

Amazingly I managed to get a one off waver, the final email went a little like this.

DVSA – Driver & Vehicle Standards Authority ie the vehicle testing people.
IVA – Individual Vehicle Assessment ie my trailer
VCA – Vehicle Certification Agency ie the people who grant type approval.
DfT – Department for Transport. ie the Government

Further to discussions between our own DVSA IVA Policy Department, the VCA and the DfT.
Whereby the requirements for IVA are quite clear in the Inspection Manual in that all safety glazing must be of an “approved” type 43R and as such display the relevant permanent marking as applied by the manufacturer, on this occasion the DfT appear keen to grant a concession for your “one-off” build and are prepared to allow a relaxation to the requirements.

I do not recommend this route to anyone as the likelihood of reproducing my skin of the teeth escape is extremely low.

As I was the manufacturer of the windows and had traceability of the material used I could qualify that 8'x4' piece of polycarbonate. My side windows, yacht deck hatches, however were made if in France and I had no chance of qualifying those. I found that there is a healthy supply chain for automotive glass at reasonable costs so I got drop in replacement glass. Limited only by the fact that it has to be flat, you can have round corners, tinted, drilled holes no problem and most importantly 43R approved.

Don't give up. But avoid plastic windows: Clive

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Re: IVA DOT approval and 43R Glazing

Postby Kingston » Fri Feb 16, 2018 5:10 pm

Excellent work, :applause:

DVSA do not always know what the are quoting and can be easily confused. :lol:
in regards to glass, I had a issue where the curved plastic windows on a project vehicle, were replaced and mentioned to them the windows were Lexan.
I think they got confused and thought I said Texan :lol:

Lexan™ High Optical Quality (9034HO) already has TUV EU wide approval for Visors and face shields Jet fighter canopies and Motorcycle windshields :twisted:

there was a little paperwork to an fro

VCA agreed and as long as there was a visible indicator it was lexan 9034HO (had it heat embossed into the corner) the product already had an EU approval and conforms to iso 9001 quality traceability. :R
my problem was solved by a letter from lexan and a copy of ISO 9001 7.5.3 I ;)

You are 100% right :thumbsup: IVA is definitely the way to go or Biva if you are rebuilding or reusing a trailer base.

getting approval for Category O1: Trailers with a maximum mass not exceeding 0,75 tonnes can be a bit of a hullabaloo
an iva guide for trailers would help for both 01 (un-braked) and 02 (break assisted).

:worship: had a bit of an epiphany, http://polyplastic.nl/ is already a manufacturer of clear plastic window solutions for eriba, autorail and kia, they are open to bespoke discussions and can provide fully certificated solutions, whilst they are in Rotterdam
Polyplastic – Vlaardingweg 98 – 3044 CK Rotterdam – T +31 (0)10 4461100 – F +31 (0)10 4461115 – sales@polyplastic.nl
they have a UK office and they do have English speaking staff, bit late for your amazing creation but might be a good bit of information for the future :thumbsup:
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