Offset piano Door hinge question, pics if you got them

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Offset piano Door hinge question, pics if you got them

Postby jsnbergman » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:59 am

Going to be doing my entry doors soon and ordered the offset piano hinges from vintage tech. and was curious of those that have used them. Did you do anything on the wall side of the hinge to trim it out, I was thinking a piece of 1/2 alum along the hinge just for visual balance with the t molding around the door. Just dont know if im going to like just the hinge exposed on that side. Mabe a 1/4 inch piece on the door side of the hinge as well. I would love to see some pictures of anything you got, even if you didnt trim them out.

If it matters, I'm solid 3/4 walls with PMF. I'm still a week or two out from fitting the doors, and another question I had was the gaps established before triming out the doors, all my parts are from vintage(T-molding and non insert jamb molding) basic door with one curve.

Thanks, Jason.
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