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Electrical duct work

Postby NevadaBlue » Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:29 pm

I’ve found that ordinary polyethylene drip tubing, the half inch or so stuff is perfect duct work for trailer work. Inside walls, underneath or even exposed like I am doing, it is cheap and easy to use. The stuff is slick so wires slide through easily. Very happy with the results.

I’m leaving all my wiring ducts exposed for ease of maintenance and installation. Here you can see the trailer signal and running light wiring coming through the floor and into the lengthwise (black duct). The heavier wires (which will be the 10 gauge ‘charge from TV’) lines will run through the 3/4” white pvc above the little duct. All cabin wiring will be run in half inch pvc I think. Depends on what I find around the shop.

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