Polydrop trailer - CA

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Polydrop trailer - CA

Postby ukh87 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:35 pm


I'd like to let you guys know that Polydrop trailer is about to launch!
Our trailer only weighs 750lbs with gullwing doors on both sides, Timbren independent suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and full aluminum frame.
One of the most significant facts of our trailer is the insulation, the thickest point is over 8" of rigid foam.
It's designed to let the user feel cozy in harsh weather condition.

Please visit our website!


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Re: Polydrop trailer - CA

Postby Graniterich » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:30 pm

Doors seem too forward, but I guess depending on door width. How far from the front of the trailer to back of the door? What type of heater do you use?

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Re: Polydrop trailer - CA

Postby halfdome, Danny » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:43 am

I'm trying to understand the "why" for all those unusual angled panels that make up the exterior profile.
From what I understand the stealth bomber has confusing angles to avoid dection.
I like your brake set up :thumbsup: .
Good luck with your venture, :D Danny
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Re: Polydrop trailer - CA

Postby working on it » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:44 am

Graniterich wrote:Doors seem too forward, but I guess depending on door width....

*My home-built 4x8 squareback has doors far forward, too, but my feet point towards the nose of the trailer when I sleep, not rearward as in the Polydrop, or other std. teardrops & TTT's. My doors are also shorter and narrower than on the Polydrop, and my design errors make it seem even smaller.

* I put in an overhead shelf, with stereo & speakers, and an 11" Honeywell fan (suspended underneath, in the center), mounted full-width between the doorframes. It only sits 4" above the door tops, so entry/exit are done head-first/feet-first. Wasn't a problem when I was younger, but I've had to add overhead assists to help me exit, now that I'm nearly 70.
inside cabin arrangement.jpg
ad-hoc, as needed, installation of interior shelves and features after outside shell was completed, made this a handyman's, not a craftsman's trailer!
inside cabin arrangement.jpg (245.15 KiB) Viewed 4645 times

*With even larger doors, or if used by younger, more flexible owners, the Polydrop's gullwing doors seem to offer lots of room for getting in/out, especially without the confining overhead shelf that is in my TTT. I would still prefer to have my sleeping position reversed from in the picture, and exit that way.

*I do like the profile, build materials, and the interior & kitchenette design, but it's way beyond my price range; I wish I'd built my TTT with those internal cubbyholes and niches, instead of adding on obtrusive overhead shelves inside (2), plus one over my feet (flexible, with swing-up function), and actually had room for the fancy-cut rear cabinetry. Nice!
2013 HHRv "squareback/squaredrop", rugged, 4x8 TTT, 2220 lbs
  • *3500 lb Dexter EZ-Lube braked axle, 3000 lb.springs, active-progressive bumpstop suspension
  • *27 x 8.5-14LT AT tires (x 3) *Weight Distribution system for single-beam tongue
  • *100% LED's & GFCI outlets, 3x fans, AM/FM/CD/Aux. *A/C & heat, Optima AGM, inverter & charger(s)
  • *extended-run, on-board, 2500w generator *Coleman dual-fuel stove & lantern, Ikea grill, vintage skillet
  • *zinc/stainless front & side racks *98"L x 6" diameter rod & reel carrier tube on roof
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Re: Polydrop trailer - CA

Postby Pmullen503 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:01 pm

What is the outer material? Fiberglass?
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Re: Polydrop trailer - CA

Postby Cathy P. » Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:15 pm

Pmullen503 wrote:What is the outer material? Fiberglass?

The brochure on the website says "aluminum skin".
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