semi hay stacking.

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semi hay stacking.

Postby slowcowboy » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:36 pm

ho, hum its back on a semi truck I got with hay hooks in my hands again. was talking to my buddy this evening after work in dubois deleverying propane and he goes you want to come out of retirment. We cant find any one to help load a semi load of hay this evening.

I amit I gave in its nice to be back at home on the deck of a semi truck with hay hooks and know I still got in me to trow a load of hay.

for all the single women out there I may not be rich. and I may not have a fancey job but you know if I am married to you and get out of work or the hours at work drop to part time. I still got a skill to help pay the bills.

slowcowboy. who still knows his way around a hay bale!
Plans. there was supposed to be plans to be followed when I built this thing. Opps! AH, gee, tum,tee tum. I think I forgot about the plans 2 years ago. ------Tow vehicles, 1995 ford explore, 1994 ford ranger, 1993 ford F-150, 2009 4x9 Off road teardrop, on harbor freight greatly modified frame.
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Re: semi hay stacking.

Postby Roly Nelson » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:59 am

Slow, good for you, willing to jump in and do the extra work required to make ends meet. So many would just sit home and complain about lack of work, and you are out there, pumping away, lifting those heavy hay bales, which many lesser men could not even lift, even if they tried. Don't worry, that perfect gal is just around the corner, you just haven't met her yet. Hang in there.
8) :thumbsup: Roly
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Re: semi hay stacking.

Postby Nobody » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:49 pm

Mike, at 74yrs I've decided my hay bale 'bucking' days are waaay in the past ;) . Dunno what kind of 'grass/vegetation' your hay is (alfalfa?), but the kind determines weight of the 'small' square bales (60-100lbs in the field here). Just before I turned 18yrs old a friend & I provided our own truck (ton & a half flatbed) & contracted to haul & stack in the barn @ 10 cents a bale, near 40k bales of hay, some grass, some lespadeza. & about half Sudan grass (the sudan was some heavy stuff :o ). Did that in less'n a month & after we paid for gas, a couple of vehicle breakdowns, & a helper (to mostly drive the truck :roll: ) we didn't make a lot. Luckily we were able to sell our old truck for a little profit. That was in Aug/Sep 1957; in Nov I enlisted in the USAF, became an Air Traffic Controller & never looked back :thumbsup: . When I enlisted in the Air Force I couldn't wait to get away from Arkansas & the farm, by the time I retired 20yrs later, I couldn't wait to get back 8) . Funny how yer attitude changes over the years...
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