I was just curious if anyone here uses Mint Cinnamon?

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Re: I was just curious if anyone here uses Mint Cinnamon?

Postby jstrubberg » Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:10 am

RAYVILLIAN wrote:Mike you can do a sudo ap-get for xfce desktop on ubuntu and get rid of the button's, that's what I did but started with lubuntu and built up from there. I seem to remember that Mint is a spin off of the ubuntu system anyway. I haven't messed with linux for a while and puppy does a good job streaming video of my window's 7 desk top to my tv.


Both are Debian-based distributions. I like Ubuntu, although their current drift towards hiding everything the casual user doesn't need to see is one of the things that drives me away from Windows. Very annoying.
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Re: I was just curious if anyone here uses Mint Cinnamon?

Postby bc555af » Fri Mar 27, 2015 8:19 am

I've been using Linux since 2006 and only in the past 4 years have I completely abandoned Windows. I am using Linux Mint Cinnamon right now on a 2008 laptop along with several other computers I have kept going and they run like new! Has kept me from buying a new computer since 2007. I ran Ubuntu from version 7.04 to 10.04 and then switched around for a while because it became very resource hungry when they switched to Unity. There is a computer recycling center in my town where you can drop off as well as pick up parts and it is amazing what people toss in the trash because they want the latest and greatest. 95 percent of the time I can bring a nice computer home, install a Linux distro, and it's like new again. Keeps them out of the landfill! :D For others on here looking to give their old computer new life, I suggest Linux Mint (Cinnamon or MATE) or Point Linux (both Debian based). Those are the 2 distros I currently run. :D
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