Ahhh Norway

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Ahhh Norway

Postby jss06 » Mon May 18, 2015 8:08 am

Think I found a place to retire. Norway is absolutely beautiful.

We started the trip at a country home just outside of Winchester, UK. Beautiful property and withing walking distance of the city itself. (about 7 miles away). The first day we passed out to recover from Jet lag. On day 2 we explored Winchester.


Then it was on to Southampton and the Celebrity Eclipse. This is a large vessel. We had 2 at sea days for this cruise and spent a lot of time exploring the ship. I asked about a below decks tour and was told they actually have one that is not advertised. I was able to visit the bridge and several other places that passengers normally do not see. They even allowed us to take pictures.


Our first stop in Norway was Bergen. This port is a big supplier of the oil fields in the North Sea. Our ship was too big to use the cruise terminal so we had to dock in the shipping port. Bergen was true to its reputation and it rained on and off all day long. The highlights of this port are the Stave Church and the old sea front buildings of Bryggen. Otherwise this was least exciting of the ports we visited.


The next port of call was Alesund. Again we started with rain early in the day but it cleared off by noon. we visited an open air museum that highlighted the farm houses and boat construction that is backbone of Norway's history. Even today there are a large number of farms that have the same architecture and functionality. Then we drove through the city and visited an overlook. The views were incredible and the town is very nice. One thing we noticed everywhere we went was how clean and neat it was.


The next port was the crown jewel of the cruise. Geirangerfjord and the Town of Geiranger. The scenery here is absolutely breathtaking and pictures just do not do it justice. I recommend everyone visit here if possible. Just make sure and buy your souvenirs somewhere else. The prices are very high. It was overcast all day bu the rain held off until we were leaving port. This made for a good day of exploring.


Our last Norwegian port of call was Stavanger. This day there was not a cloud in the sky and the weather was absolutely amazing. This is a very pretty town and the pier is right next to the old part of town. We started with a bus tour to a stone age farm. This tour included a drive past the location of the battle that unified Norway under a single King and a visit to an overlook that provided panoramic views of the entire area. we ended with a walking tour of the old town area.

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