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Postby Brushy_Bill » Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:56 pm

I was the kind of kid who only read things
that really interested me. Not into novels,
mythical stories.

I often could be found reading through
encyclopedias. I would come across a topic
that sparked an interest, and read.

At 57 years old, that is how I see my Android.
It is an electronic encyclopedia with a 6 inch
high definition screen, that can take me to
any subject I can spell, and it will help
me do that when I need it.

When I find an interesting 2+ hour documentary
on YouTube, I can download it on my laptop and
transfer it to the Android and watch it
whenever, wherever I please.

You may see me talking on it from time to time,
never while I am driving. I do text more now than
I ever have, talk to text is an incredible thing as
long as you remember to proof read well
before hitting the send button. (Sorry mom, I really am)

You will never see me using it while walking

This technology is great. One thing that does
disappoint me is, it is 2016.
We were supposed to be flying around on
jet packs by now.
I want my jet pack.
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