grounding the cabin battery

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Re: grounding the cabin battery

Postby PaulC » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:12 pm

mariannf wrote:
PaulC wrote:
mariannf wrote:
Graniterich wrote:
mariannf wrote:Thank you all!

Sharon Yes, I am seeing as I go through various threads there are a lot of ways of going about this.

Graniterich wrote:Why ground at all? Dual wire house system to fuse panel two wires to each device.

Granite rich what do you mean by dual wire house system?
I have seen some examples of the battery negative going right to the ground bar. Is this what you refer to?

I meant two wires from ground / fuse box to each light, fan, and any other load.

Ok, I was planning on doing this. tell me if I got it right: one wire from each item (fan, etc...) to the fuse bar, and one wire from each item to the ground bar. likewise that battery has one wire to the fuse box and one wire to the ground bar. if this is right then no need to ground the battery to the frame?
why not? thank again!

Hi Paul I just want to make sure your reference to a "torch" was meant to say that what I described was simple and right and not used to say if I do it this way I'll set everything on fire!
That's right Mariann. Just like a torch. Simplicity itself.
Paul :thumbsup:

I've never known of a camping torch setting anything on fire Mariann 8)
A torch only has a positive and a negative without the need for an external ground. That's how the twelve volt in your TD should be.
The biggest problem most have with the 12v side, is that they tend to overthink it.
Paul :thumbsup:
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Re: grounding the cabin battery

Postby mariannf » Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:43 am

Thanks Paul! I see you are from Australia so I realize torch refers to a flashlight or lantern.
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