Harbor Freight 3-in-1 battery pack as a Tear's Power source

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Harbor Freight 3-in-1 battery pack as a Tear's Power source

Postby Jerry Bleeg » Fri May 06, 2016 7:07 pm


I wanted to open a discussion of using something like this Portable Power Pack as a electrical source for a teardrop. Personally, I already have my AGM battery for my trailer and it is working well. So this would probably not work for some that have already built their trailers or have high electrical needs. But for many that are in the planning stage and with minimal needs, I would think something like this might serve them well. It seems it could be carried in the tongue box of a small trailer and simply clamped to some lugs (to energize your trailers internal wiring) once you arrive at your campsite. Bam! you got power for LED lights, Charging you cell phone, maybe running your Fantastic Fan for a few hours each night, 12 volt water pump, charge up a Tablet, recharge a small Blue tooth speaker(my new favorite gadget). It is rated at 17 Amp Hours which should get most people through a two or three day camping trip. Another nice thing is you can easily remove it to your house for Winter storage and recharging, or carry in in you vehicle as a jumper. In a pinch you could even carry it to the campground 120 volt outlet in the bathroom and recharge it.

Everyone has different power needs and your mileage may vary. It's on sale for under 40.00. At that price you could afford to replace it every two or three seasons.
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Re: Harbor Freight 3-in-1 battery pack as a Tear's Power sou

Postby vincigj » Fri May 06, 2016 7:45 pm

Mine is older with a replacement deep cycle agm. Just jumper light and 12 v socket. My friend used it to run his fish finder and charge a kindle for reading lasted all week. For it to run the tear as I currently use it might last 2-3 days. Would be a great backup to the 32 ahr battery in the tear now.
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Re: Harbor Freight 3-in-1 battery pack as a Tear's Power sou

Postby flboy » Tue May 10, 2016 11:59 am

The 17a/hr is probably 100 percent discharge. What I don't know and is important is if the internal battery is a deep cycle. If not.. drain it very much a few times and it will be shot. If deep cycle.. maybe 50 percent discharge which is only 8.5 a/hr in that case. I'd find out what type battery this has. Just my thoughts.

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