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Postby Esteban » Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:42 pm sells LED light fixtures that can work well for a teardrop trailer. They sell many high quality LED lights with innovative features like built-in dimmers, night light functions and dual color lights that can be switched from white light to a night vision saving red (or green or blue) light. Here's the link to their interior lights: Many Marinebeam LED interior lights can be customized and their prices are lower than many other marine suppliers.

I bought all five of my inside LED lights from Marinebeam. All of them are dual color lights.

:thumbsup: I'm very pleased with the multi-function 3W LED Bulkhead Reading Light with Touch Dimming which will be my bedside lights:
Wall Mount LED Fixture with Touch Dimming Switch and Blue Night-Light Glow

Warm White Output

Chrome or Brushed Nickel Finish

Opaque crystal glass shade

Built-in touch dimming switch, with blue backlight glow

This elegant and modern 3W LED reading light is designed to be wall or bulkhead mounted. Its cool-to-the-touch opaque glass shade can easily be aimed for reading, or permanently positioned for general cabin lighting.

Available in a brushed nickel or bright chrome finish, this modern and elegant lamp compliments any decor.

This lamp puts out a fantastic 210 lumens of warm white light, which is equivalent to a 20W halogen. The best part is that this light can be easily dimmed with its integrated touch-switch dimmer.

Another great feature of the lamp is the softly glowing blue night-light halo that surrounds the dimming switch, so you can easily find it at night. A momentary touch turns it on or off, while dimming is accomplished by an extended touch.

Voltage: 12VDC (10-16VDC)
Wattage: 3W
Current: 0.250A to 0.006A
Color: Warm White (2900-3000°K)
Luminous Flux: 210 Lumens (LM-79)
Life: >30,000 hours

:thumbsup: Two dual color (red/white) switchable 5.5" LED dome lights will be mounted to the ceiling to light up the sleeping cabin area between the side doors and rear storage cabinet.

:thumbsup: My galley light will be a dual color (red/white) High-Line 19" LED Fluorescent Replacement Twin-Tube Fixture which can be switched from white light to a night vision saving red light.

:thinking: If you browse their selection of interior LED lights you may find lights you like that best meet your needs too. :)
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Re: Multi-function LED interior lights from

Postby Alan_H » Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:54 pm

Good looking stuff, thanks for the heads up and links!! :applause:
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Re: Multi-function LED interior lights from

Postby Tomterrific » Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:53 am

Similar but not as pretty is the 5 pack of led puck lights from Sam's Club. They come with DuraCell battery's, 3 each, and a remote. Dims and changes colors, has a timed off. A friend uses them as under counter lights in his home kitchen. I've considered buying a pack for my camper.
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