120VAC & 12VDC in a short length of conduit?

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Re: 120VAC & 12VDC in a short length of conduit?

Postby Bob Hammond » Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:58 pm

bdosborn wrote:Mixing 120V and 12V in the same raceway is a big no-no in the real world for safety reasons. It's the guy who bought your trailer and is adding a 12V outlet; he pulls the negative lead off the battery, thinks he's safe but forgets the trailer is still plugged into AC and then cuts into the 120V wire that's run in that 12v conduit. It probably wouldn't ever happen but that is the reasoning behind keeping 120V and 12V wiring completely separate.


Although I am quite careful about documenting and labeling everything, I suppose it's prudent to 'watch out for the next guy' when possible and reasonable.

After considering what is really necessary and practical, I've decided to keep the 120VAC isolated to the galley, and use only 12VDC forward. So I'll use the wires already run for 3 DC circuits - LED lights, CPAP machine, and utility power socket with USB charger. The 35Ah AGM battery should be able to meet my in-cabin needs for at least 3 days before a recharge is necessary. If for some unforeseen reason 120VAC is needed in the cabin, I can make do with an extension cord, with a GFCI of course.
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