Noob Electrician!! WTF do I connect to what??

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Noob Electrician!! WTF do I connect to what??

Postby Thickshell » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:24 am

So I have an idea for how to run power to my TD, but I could really use someone to poke holes in all my theories please!

Ok here goes... I am only planning on minimal power for the TD.

Here's the list of things potentially powered by the 12v Deep Cycle Battery:
-Exterior Lights above each door (LED)
-Int Rope light around vent fan opening (LED, Dimmable)
-Vent Fan (Heng's)
-Galley Overhead light (LED)
-USB/12v Outlet

Here's a list of the things to be powered by shore power or 120v:
- 2 x outlets near pillows
- 2 x outlets in Galley
** I don't plan on having a lot of (if any) appliances. No hairdryers, blenders, coffeemakers, TVs, etc. I would like to hear thoughts on how I'll want it in the future and should plan for A, B and C though!! :lol:

Now, here's what I would like to do:
-The battery, the Converter/Charger, Inverter (haven't bought yet), Fuse Panel, and Shore Power Inlet would all be located in a storage box on the tongue.
-I have routed out the walls for the electrical to pass through the insulation and plywood and then covered with 1/4" ply on either side.
-12v stuff seems straight forward to wire for. Positive, Neutral, and Ground... got it :NC
-I will have the 120v wiring following pretty much the same path as the 12v in order to get to the outlets/switches. Obviously separate wiring tho.
-My HOPE is that I can run the 110v outlets off Shore Power when it's avail and off of the Battery when I'm off the grid.

So here's all my questions:
-Should I be thinking of the Converter charger as something to be mounted inside the TD sleeping area instead of in the battery box? what else should come inside the cabin??
-What, for the power load planned, is my best choice in inverters? I've seen them from $100 to $1000. What am I looking for in a good inverter?
-How do I switch the power being provided to the 110 outlets from Shore to Battery? Is it just that when there is not shore power it automatically pulls from the battery? How do I wire for this?
-Is a GFCI outlet necessary somewhere in the process for the 110 power?
-Where in the process does the Fuse panel come in? Do I need a separate fuse panel for both 12v AND 120v?
-Does the 120v ever get wired to the converter/charger? Shore power HAS to be connected to the to the converter/charger at some point in order to charge the battery, but when do I take the 12v from the battery to the inverter?
-How can I get the shore power to the 110 outlets without running it directly to the inverter, since that's how the outlets will get their power in the absence of shore power?? :?
-IS it ok to run the 12v/USB outlet and the Fan on the same circuit as long as the Fan has its own on/off switch and comes 2nd in the circuit?
-Can I also have the Hatch Dome light on the same circuit as the fan and outlet if it has its own switch as well?? Or would the power not flow if the fan was switched off?
-In general, how do I connect this all together without inuring myself or others?

I feel dizzy. I'm gonna sit down for a minute and just think about what it's gonna look like when it's all done...

Thank you so much in advance for any guidance you can give me.

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