Solar Controller in storage

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Solar Controller in storage

Postby DaBearSox » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:38 pm

So the season is just about done here and because of apartment living my tiny trailer is being stored in a public storage garage. I have a renology adventurer solar controller that I cannot seem to find any info on about long dark storing. Currently the trailer is all wired up sitting in storage with a full tank. The battery disconnect is on OFF however the separate line that goes from the panel to the Controller to the battery does not have a master off switch.

Should I disconnect all wiring and bring that battery somewhere I can have it on a float charge over winter. (Tough in an APT) or will the renology controller sense that it is in storage with very little light if any to pull from and be fine?


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Re: Solar Controller in storage

Postby MtnDon » Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:43 pm

Your PV system will just think it is a very long night.

What kind of battery? Wet flooded cell with removable caps, a so-called maintenance free or an actual sealed AGM? I have stored AGM's over five months with no damage apparent as AGM's generally do not self discharge as much as flooded lead acid types do. If a flooded or so-called maintenance free type you should store them someplace where a recharge can be done once in a while. If you have a high quality trickle charger, one that keeps the voltage low enough to not harm the battery, but that is also high enough to maintain a charge go ahead and use that. What you do also depends on how faithfulyou are to maintenance. If you are like some folks and intend to put the charger on once a month, but let three months or more slide by, then you may have a better experience with a high quality true maintenance charger on all the time.

But your solar doesn't really care about being in the dark. Too bad though as that would be a good maintenance as long as the equipment is good stuff.
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