W-M "weighted blanket" -using it with/NO trailer heat

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W-M "weighted blanket" -using it with/NO trailer heat

Postby gudmund » Mon Oct 26, 2020 2:24 pm

just got home from our "Last Gasp" teardrop trailer "get-together" for the year and I have to say = this 'weighted-blanket' I got at W-M ('Tranquility' name brand - 4x8 size) was a good buy!! For the 3 nite's there, the over-nite temps got down into the low 30's w/the last nite getting to 28 (with a inside trailer temp of 41) and this blanket worked GREAT!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: It will be included in my "backup" extra 'blankey' supply when traveling from here on. W-M carry's 2/3 versions of it - with/with-out a removable cover - got mine with the cover. Mine = $40 and weights 15lbs, once I fold it out flat and get under it, it seemed to take only 5/10 minutes for my body-heat to keep me warm for sleep for the nite. Note; when I have used it at home a few times = a nite or two in the warm house, it ended up getting a bit too warm..... with me having to push it to the side..... So it will be traveling in the trailer with me from here on down the road.... :twisted:
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