What's the purpose of the Easy up when the weather is nice?

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Postby Karl » Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:27 am

Miriam C. wrote::( My Canopies are both blue and I can't find blue sides or even white. I really don't want the brown that is out there now..........anyone know where I can get these. Seems my puter wants to show me the $100 ones...... :cry:

Try http://www.hutshop.com/quikshadeacc.html, although most will be in lovely white. Also look at http://www.procanopy.com/canopyshelter- ... 7_241.html. Finally, check out http://www.quikshade.com/Product_Brand_ ... goryId=103. Please note that once this web page comes up, you'll need to scroll down or else you won't see any of the products. Who knows why they do that.
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Re: What's the purpose of the Easy up when the weather is ni

Postby Java Jack » Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:04 am

2bits wrote:
So now I am camping regularly, and it just seemed like you were supposed to have an easy up so I got one and have been faithfully erecting it each time, but I am questioning why I am doing it. I mean to me, I am out in nature and would think we would want to be close to it, but the first thing people do is gather around under and awning to get away from it. Maybe that is a the wrong impression, but I am just at a loss. I think it would be much more pleasurable to sit under the open trees, so I am just asking to those wise and experienced campers what am I missing? I see that when it is raining it is a good idea, but otherwise, stray bird poop notwithstanding, why do people use these? I really am just wondering. It might have a little to do with my crappy wal mart not-so-easy-up but even when it is up, I wonder why it is there blocking my view of the trees.


Just digging up some old threads...

We have 2 different canopy solutions, 1 for fair weather (Quick Shade Summit 170) and the Northern Breeze screen room.

For us, we use it for shade (or protection from light rain) as most sites we have been to do have shade where the tear is parked. Furthermore, stuff drops out of trees, whether twigs and leaves or bird droppings, etc. Therefore, the canopy provides a drop free zone for relaxing. Since the sides are open, you still feel very much in nature so it works for us.

If the weather is likely to be ugly, we have the Northern Breeze. It is a full screen room that also has side walls to keep you way from the elements as needed.
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