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Postby Classic Finn » Sun Jun 06, 2010 2:49 am

High Desert wrote:Heikki,
Yes, connecting to larger tanks is common here. There are several companies that make various adapters. I know regulations and equipment varies wildly in different countries, here it is pretty easy. I can't give the why and how's off the top of my head but propane is very standardized at least for these type of applications. They are available at a lot of places, even WalMart..

here's a common tank to hose adapter. The male end is the same as our 1# propane bottles;

a 5' connector hose. I have a couple of 10' ones with our camper.

These are really handy for using a big tank. The base mounts to the the tank and it has 3 outlets, one on the top that you can connect a propane lantern directly to.

Here's a pic of our camp kitchen a few years ago, using the tree to fuel the stove, BBQ and a lantern on top from the single bottle seen below the table.

Does that help a little at least?

Hi Shaun. Thank You for the info. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: That Coleman on the right side of the pic is that also capable of having a hose connected?
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Postby High Desert » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:12 am

Cap'n, yes it is. The regulator is on the small silver tube coming off the right side of the stove (viewed from the front), the hose is connected there. It's small, a little over an inch in diameter. No regulator needed at the tank which simlifies matters. Fairly standard on US propane stoves. Most have a shut off valve as part of the regulator. The small BBQ on the left uses a larger style regulator, also with it's own shut off.

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