Question on keeping plastic water tank fresh..

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Re: Question on keeping plastic water tank fresh..

Postby PcHistorian » Thu May 17, 2012 12:40 pm

When I was in the service and water rationing in okinawa, we were advise one teaspoon of chlorine per gallon, shake, let it sit for an hour before drinking. ( boil it if you have to ) They finally figured out that the old halide tablets did nothing for the water. So Iodine or chlorine if you are somewhere away from fancy additives and pre-cleaned "city water". (heck we have some cities here, WATERFORD, Michigan. where the ground water is conmsidered unsafe due to lawn wash off intot he lakes of fertilizers and unhealthy algie buildups. :-Þ
I'm not sure what the iodine additive amount is. you could probably look this stuff up on the government emergency preparedness page or a survivalist page. google either. ( is a way for the US gov. official page.)
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Use Reverse Osmosis aka "RO"purified water

Postby artfd » Fri May 25, 2012 12:37 pm

This has been sold from coin machine dispensers in my town for over 25 years. I started buying it for my late mother, who kept getting diarrhea. I discovered that putting my town's tap water in a sterilized plastic bottle, corking it, and letting it sit for 3-4 days at room temperature produced a greenish liquid that smelled of sewage. It was even worse if this water so bottled were put into a camper in hot weather. This was a very simple microbiology experiment that anyone can perform for themselves. It's not rocket science.
I figured that was the problem (and so it turned out to be). For a while mother boiled her tap water, cooled it and then drank it. Even that could go bad if not carefully handled. Also, about 1993 there was a major outbreak of water-borne diarrheal illness in the Milwaukee area, due to bugs modern water treatment facilities could not kill. At that time I began to think our city had a water problem -- and probably many other cities did also, whether or not the news media discuss it.
I lived in Gallup NM for a year in the 1970's, city water there regularly caused me upset stomach verging on diarrhea. Local doctors there said it was due to dissolved minerals. Then I began drinking distilled water I bought in Gallup stores, but cooked and washed with its tap water. My sister visited Gallup a few months ago & talked to the locals - they still don't drink the tap water there.
I found that putting RO water into a clean container, gave excellent results. It never spoiled unless contaminated. It has virtually nothing dissolved in it to support life forms, cause diarrhea, or stink.
I bought a 5-gal camping style water bottle, filled it as needed & kept it in the kitchen. For years that was all the plain water my mother & I drank. Her diarrheal illnesses pretty much stopped. When we went camping, I put that bottle into our vehicle and we used that.
Mother's been gone for years, but I still use this basic method, tried & true.
My local cost is 25 cents a gallon. Many Wally World stores sell same for 37 cents a gallon. Some grocery stores in Albuquerque have curbside dispensers selling it for 20 cents a gallon. There are usually other sources available on the road.
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