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Postby john warren » Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:16 am

use paper half gallon milk cartons. square to stack easy. after empty let them dry over night and you have a dandy fire starter.

or make you ice in a square tupperware container.
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Postby bc toys » Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:44 am

When I was kid (LONG TIME AGO) :lol: my dad keep half gallon papper cartons in the freezer just for this they worked great he also used the quart size ones in his lunch box. I use the coffee plastic containers to keep my comdaments (ketup, mayo, mustard those things in and veggies hate wet soggie veggies) keeps them dry. Works great keeps them cool and they go back in easy. :applause: :applause:
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Postby Wimperdink » Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:38 am

slowcowboy wrote:
On a ranch you save water like in 50 gallon milk jugs in case your houses plumb messes up or plugs up.

you never know when you are not going to have the abilty to use your houses plumbing for drinking water on a ranch.


Not the ranch I worked on as a kid. I'd say its time to update your well/pump/plumbing if your having to keep 50 gallon milk jugs full of water.

john warren wrote: make you ice in a square tupperware container.

:thumbsup: Doesn't use a lot of room to restack tupperware, and you get your cubes.

Sorry I'm not help for what you can do away from home short of camp in winter in the north... stop by a frozen lake and cut out a block of ice, then sit and fish in said square hole for a bit before ya turn in. :lol:
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Postby slowcowboy » Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:34 pm

you must have worked on a rich boys out fitte wimperdink. Plumbing on real ranches is not guerteed out west here and even a out fitte that brings in 7 million a year can be living with out dated rancher put in plumbing sytem.

My old boss was running his toliet into a hole in the ground with a peice of ply wood trowed over it. when he up dated to a septic tank it was to small and it was 60 miles out of casper to call a vac truck.

He bought me a little 2 inch briggs and station pump and my cowboy job despcription turned into sewer man in two seconds.

ever had to get off your horse at noon and go pump your bosses sewer tank?

that the stuff of real no holywood cowboys!!!!

I just put my yellow cloth gloves on and shut my mouth. not as fun as riding for cows but it was making my 923.00 a month in wages.

I would run the hose to the pump out the cattle wire panel fence around my bosses back house yard and he had me pump the crap water into his willow trees.

talk about what would have happend if the epa had flown over in a helecopter! heeeeeee!

that sewage wate growed wonderful big crop of foxtail weeds under them willow trees it looked like barely. and my next summer job was a electric weed wacker to mow them down with orders to let the little bits of grass grow. when the weed wacker died and I could not mow any more with my ods to it of electrical wire for weed wacker tread my boss just told me one day at noon to unsaddle my horse in the drive way and turn them out in the yard for lunch.

that cured the foxtail sewage fertiled crop I was growing!

I have never even on the home place at home had a 100 percent no broken sewer sytem or has even of my nice fellow neigbors that lived by me on the small ranches I growed up with.

whimperdink would would happen to your east tennesee ranch you growed up on if you was irrgating and your irrgation water ran acroos the leach feild. you did not grow up on a ranchette in a suburb of nashville did you?

ever have a power outage or did you power your well at your house with a generator?

packing drinking water with gallon milk jugs is a way of life in wyoming for us country folks.

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Postby hoytedow » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:45 am

We use the sterilite tapered nesting plastic boxes. We use them to keep the food dry in the ice box(they have overlapping lids) and as they are emptied we just nest them together so they conserve space. You can also freeze ice in them as they are tapered. Even if they occasionally crack it is no heart-ache because they are so inexpensive.Image
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