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Postby doug hodder » Fri Aug 04, 2006 11:51 pm

John...I went with a black steel spoker on the first tear that Nascar look but dressed up..some chrome nuts, center cap and a set of Auto Zone trim rings, 15" with 205 75 R 15's...they are Pacer Datonas...got them at Big O...I'd go to the local tire shop like a Big O or whatever is the chain guys there and check out their catalogs...I just took in the fender and told them to fill it out with a tire on the wheel I wanted...sorry I don't have a better pic than this...but my trailer is up in Eureka right now...DougImage
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Postby Nitetimes » Tue Aug 08, 2006 5:42 pm

bledsoe3 Sorry, got busy and forgot about you. Those Explorer wheels have a one inch offset. After I crawled under there I remembered I had to use a 76" axle instead of a 74 like I had figured. Gives me about a knuckle of clearance.
So if you're trying to get closer they may help.

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Postby coreyjhen » Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:08 am

5 on 4.5 is the bolt pattern for Fords, Chryslers, AMC's, and (if memory serves) Studebakers. You should be able to find nearly any combination of diameter, width, and offset you want... Try a junkyard that specializes in older cars.
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