Wheel bearing repack pics

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Re: Wheel bearing repack pics

Postby KCStudly » Mon May 13, 2013 3:25 pm

Cut and paste?
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Re: Wheel bearing repack pics

Postby mezmo » Mon May 13, 2013 11:40 pm

One possible way:

If it's not really large, bring it up, then just go "CTL A" [highlight all],
then go "CTL C" [copy all], and then go to the posting box area for the
thread you want to post to, and go "CTL V" [paste all, or as I remember
it by, "Voila! It's There Now"], and you should then have it all copied
into the post composition box. Then proof read. There's always a need to
proof read !
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Re: Wheel bearing repack pics

Postby nevadatear » Tue May 14, 2013 7:30 am

Here is the step by step Randy put together for "bearing school" at the Dam Gathering

Randy Pontius
Desert Metal Product
775 273 3090
Lovelock, NV

Bearing School

What Is On Your Axle
• Each wheel hub has the following:
o Two cups (races) inserted one on each side of the hub
o Two cones (roller bearing) inserted into each cup
o One seal on the inside of the hub
o A washer, a nut, a cotter pin and a grease cap on the outside
• Some older axles (i.e. Chevy) have ball bearings. Do not attempt to remove or replace this yourself. They are expensive and difficult to replace.

Preventive Maintenance
Each Trip:
• Before trip departure: Shake tire, look at lug nuts
• Stop 15 miles or so down the road. Touch the axle grease cap, looking for any heat.
• If warm, something is wrong pull/replace the bearing NOW-don’t chance it!
• If someone is pointing at your trailer, pull over and take a look!

• Strongly consider replacing inferior bearings (china made) with high quality bearings.
• Approximately every two years or 5,000 miles pull the hubs and check bearings:
o Check both inner and outer bearings
o Is the bearing tight on the hub? (before pulling the bearings)
o Is there enough grease in the bearing?
o Is the bearing worn?
o Is there orange peeling, lines, grooves or other signs of wear?
o Is there any sign of cracking, dryness or leakage on the seal?
o Look at lugs, lug should not rattle in hub.
o Check threads

Step-By-Step Bearing Inspection

• Using good/safe jack, remove tire
• Remove grease cap
• Pull cotter pin
• Unwind nut-lefty loosy. Same on both sides. Pull washer
• Pull hub straight out
• Catch the outer bearing as you pull
• Pull the seal
• Inspect the cone in your hand and the two cups on the hub- cone (roller bearing part) and cup (race) as above
• Clean the grease off the axle and inspect axle for wear
• No signs of problems:
o Repack bearing with axle grease
o Set the inside cone back on
o Tap the seal back in
o Push hub back on, taking care not to damage the seal
o Place the outside cone back on the axle, push it on
o Replace washer and nut, righty tighty
o Tighten nut as you spin hub until you feel tighness
o Unwind nut two castleations
o Reinsert cotter pin, be sure and bend the cotter pin to secure.
o Spin axle, should turn freely and not shake
o Apply grease cap.
o Reinstall tire
o You are done!

Step-by-Step Bearing Replacement

• If wear or other signs of failure are noticed, replace your bearings
• Using a metal bar (round bar, not your screwdriver), reach THROUGH the hub and knock out the smaller outer cup.
• Using a clockwise rotation, or back and forth, pound out evenly
• Flip it over, and pound out the larger, inner cup.
• Inspect the cup and cone of both inner and outer bearings for identification numbers. Depending on the bearing, they may be sold in a set of both cup and cone, or you may have four different numbers for each wheel hub.
• Purchase new seal and high quality bearings: Timken, Bower, Fag. Avoid China made bearings
• Pack bearings with axle grease
• Pack hub with as much grease as you can
• Put back together as described above
• You are done!

Debbie (with Randy looking over my shoulder)
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Re: Wheel bearing repack pics

Postby grantstew8 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:45 am

I thought this video was pretty informative. It's one of the next job's I need to do. My donor caravan has been sitting for years and I have no idea what shape the bearing are in.
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Re: Wheel bearing repack pics

Postby CJflyer » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:22 am

Just FYI. I built the Squire on a 1960s camper frame. No data plate so I don't know it's actual origin. It had been re-purposed for a concrete forms trailer (Heavy) through the 70s and then parked for 20 or so years. I literally had to cut the old tires off the rims they were so rusted on. The bearings were in good shape so I just inspected and repacked. We put about 800 to 1000 miles on the them and just this weekend I decided to replace the bearings just purely due to age.
The old bearings still look and feel fine. I had to cross reference the part numbers with the auto parts store since the OEM doesn't make them any longer. The new bearings weren't cheap, about $30 a piece. I re-packed with premium bearing grease and re-installed. Now I will have a little more peace of mind driving down the road, especially on longer trips. BTW, I did save the old bearings and will carry one each of the inner and outer with us in my tool kit for a just in case situation.

Some points I would emphasize;
1.Be safe! Make sure your trailer is chocked and stable while on jacks or stands before messing around under or near it !
2. Use high quality bearing grease and use lots of it. Use a bearing packer, they are cheap and work well. I also smear grease into all gaps around the washer and castellated nut before replacing the dust cover. It may not add to the bearing surface but it will help keep moisture and dust out.
3. Don't forget to torque down your lug nuts! Use proper torque settings, don't guess!
4. Check your tire condition and pressures while your there, even if you just did it the week before.

The bearing inspection, service and or replacement is a fairly easy job and well worth the effort. :thumbsup:
73's WF1yer
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Re: Wheel bearing repack pics

Postby Esteban » Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:12 pm

Dexter has a YouTube that is about 7 minutes showing Dexter Bearing Maintenance.
Dexter Bearing Maintenance

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Re: Wheel bearing repack pics

Postby Werdahekrwe » Fri May 29, 2015 7:32 am

To mike from "trailer 411" : Your link for packing tbe bearings does not tske you to trailer411.com. Might want to check it out.
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