NT trailer question

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NT trailer question

Postby Sailormilan2 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:21 pm

After considerable thought, I have decided to base my build on a 4'x10' Cub style. But increasing the width to 5', and am considering making it 5' tall also.
So, my trailer choices have changed. Rather than a HF kit, I am now looking at the NT out so I can go 5'x8'.
So, the question becomes this: If I weld the NT frame, would it be suitable for occasional off paved road excursions? Not four wheel rock crawling, but dirt roads.
If not, I'm sure I can learn to weld and make my own trailer. Probably save some money that way, I want to spend my time on the box.
Besides, I've already found the adapter hubs that I can use on the NT trailer for my rims. :lol:

Updated: The NT trailer was looking good, since I found it could be ordered off Amazon, with free shipping. However, in the Reviews, one reviewer said that the axle is only channel steel with spindles welded in. While the specs say it can carry 1725# to 1950#, depending on whose specs you're reading, the reviewer said he loaded his trailer up with a 1200# load and the axles started to buckle. :shock:
Sooooo, never mind. :cry:
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