How to order Dexter axle (?)

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How to order Dexter axle (?)

Postby les45 » Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:05 am

Based on my related discussions in another post in this section, I've about decided that my 26 year old Dexter axle needs to be replaced. The info in the stickies in this section is mostly outdated and many of the links are missing. The Dexter web site does not have a lot of info and kind of indicates that you should place your order through your nearest distributor. According to their locator section, I have a distributor about 30 miles from me. Has anyone ordered a Dexter torsion axle lately and did you use a local distributor or are there online companies that can do it for you?
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Re: How to order Dexter axle (?)

Postby halfdome, Danny » Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:04 pm

Here's some information I saved on Dexter axles, I hope it answers some of your questions and concerns.

I build a 5' x 10' teardrop that weighs in around 1400 lbs. with the walls covering the chassis.

Here are the specs for the axle I order.
This is not outdated since it was in 2014 that I placed my last order.
I may bump up the weight capacity if I order another axle since the removable tongue etc. have increased my total weight.
Don't order off this as I weld a custom chassis that will not be the same as yours.

1 DEX #9TORFLEX325436 #9 TORFLEX 73.5HF57.5OB 504.36 504.36
#9 TORFLEX, BRK AXLE, HF=73.50, 7X1.25 ELEC BRK, FLG-GRS, 5-4.50,HD 1/2-20ST

HF= Hub Face ( I use 11" wide fenders with 15" wheels )
OB= width of my chassis.
:D Danny

Make sure you order it with side mount hangers as there's no extra charge and it will make it possible to remove the axle in the future.

This is just an FYI:
Background: I have a Dexter 2k# axle, 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern. I purchased automotive aluminum mod wheels 15x7 (most trailer wheels are 15x5 or 6); since they're a little "nicer" I opted for the auto wheels, however, on some auto wheels the bolt plate is quite a bit more thick than a standard trailer wheel and the hub hole on the auto wheel is considerably, when I bolted my wheels to the axle there wasn't enough thread left on the studs and the center hub opening wasn't riding on the axle ", what to do now. Most would say 1.) buy a regular trailer rim which is typically a 0 offset, the hub opening is 2.5" and the studs will be more than long enough or 2.) just press the studs out and replace them with longer studs...well... not so much the case. Dexter axles: 4 lug is typically for 8-12" wheels; 5 lug is for 13-15" wheels. Trailer hubs are VERY different from automotive hubs in hub size and stud size...while automotive studs are made in 1/2x20 threads, the knerl (spline on stud) is different than automotive. When you replace studs there are 3 measurements you have to have to get the right one: 1.) knerl size (diameter of the stud at the splines) 2.) number of serrations and 3.) bolt size and length. Well.. ½ auto knerl is about .68" and on a trailer, not just Dexter, the knerl size is .545". Hub diameter on a 5 bolt auto is about 3.2" and on a trailer it's about 2.5"... THUS, most auto stores do NOT carry studs for a trailer hub; but they can be found and I found my replacements at Field result goes here ... goryID=190 and they verified theirs were .545. Now, the hub hole on my wheel is still quite a bit to big for the trailer hub...BUT, Dexter axles are NOT made for hub centered wheels (thus why they accommodate 13-15" wheels)... HOWEVER, the hubs are designed to be wheel lug centering via an "a-corn" (so MAG auto wheels simply cannot be used, so make sure you get wheels that have a conifer in them (recess for an acorn nut) and make sure you get a lug nut that has the same pitch as the wheel... 40-50-60 degrees. Another option is to not have studs but "tap axle" but I'd venture to say most of us have stud axles; If you are EVER in doubt, call Dexter... this is where I got all my info and they were so very happy to help me. You just have to go to their website, go to contact and call the corporate headquarters and ask for engineering... they can tell you everything about their axles and if you have your customer number or serial number or part number they can tell you EXACTLY what you want to know about "your" axle. I purchased my axle direct from Dexter for only $40 more (shipping) than a "local dealer" and I had my axle in 3 days...when I called they had all my info ASAP, and told me exactly what I needed to do to correct my "use auto wheels on their axle" and it was awesome. This has turned into a VERY long post but I though some might like to know this Lil tid-bit. ALSO, before you order, you can call Dexter Engineering to size your axle.. you can tell them your frame width, how high you want it off the ground, etc and they will print out a report giving you all the specs of the trailer empty, ½ loaded and fully loaded.. min. fender height, space of arms, etc, etc. kinda takes the guess work out of ordering an's free and they'll fax it to you WHILE you're talking to them...I can't say enough good things._________________************ Keith

Dexter Torsion Axles By Grant Whipp

NICE JOB, Andrew! Lots of technical stuff boiled down to layman terms! However (and you just KNEW there was going to be a "however" from me, didn't you ... ;-} ;-} ...?), 15 years of practical experience with Dexter tells a slightly different story. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a spec'd Load Rating in your calculations. Load Rating makes a LOT of difference in "squish" factor and the initial "settle" of the ride height after the normal unladed (net) weight of the trailer is placed on the axle. If you put a 1,000# trailer on a 2,000# rated axle, you're not going to get much "squish" and/or "settle". Only spec your Load Rating at about 30-40% more than your spec'd or estimated NET weight. Here's what I've found using Dexter's #9 side-mount axle, rated at 1,000# under a 750# trailer with 195/75R14 tires: 10? Up Starting Angle (my standard) - 12-13" ground-to-frame clearance. 22.5 Up - 10-11" clearance 0? - 14-15" clearance 10? Down - 16-17" 22.5? Down - 18-19" A while back, I started on an off-road teardrop to go behind my Ford Ranger 4X4 ... I wanted the trailer to ride at about the same ground clearance as the truck and use the same wheel/tire combo (235/75R15) ... through my calculations and experience with Dexter, I spec'd a #8 side-mount, rated at 1,100# (max for a #8), with a 10? Down Starting Angle. The trailer will net out at about 800#, and SO FAR, my calcs are spot-on ... 18" of ground clearance, straight & level with the rear bumper of the truck. (Unfortunately, the trailer has been put on the back burner - need to take care of the paying customers, first, ya know - and since the truck went out of commission with a severely wounded engine, it will be a while before I can get 'round to completing it ... ;-{ ;-{ ...) One last thing: unless there has been a DRASTIC change in the rubber specs on Dexter axles, there should be NO DIFFERENCE in the ride quality of equally load-rated axles between the 10? Up and 10? Down Starting Angles, and only SLIGHT differences in the 22.5? Start Angles (with a 22.5? or more Up angle, there is a marked reduction in the trailing arms ability to make full use of the available/useable arc travel of the spindle). It has been my experience that the factory makes minor load-rating adjustments during production to compensate for these radical angles. This, of course, has been MY experience with Dexter Torflex axles over the last 15 years. This qualifying disclaimer, however, must be made for obvious reasons: YOUR experience may differ ... GOOD LUCK, Everyone! and, in the meantime ... CHEERS! Grant
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Re: How to order Dexter axle (?)

Postby tony.latham » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:37 pm

I order direct from Dexter and they don't blink. The more people you put in the order chain, the more possibility you get something that isn't what you ordered.

Here's my last order:

Axle: #9 Torflex with hubs
• Trailer weight: 1500#
• Start angle: 22.5" Down
• Hub Face: 74"
• Trailer width: 59.5"
• Hub Diameter: 6.5"
• Lubrication: EZ Lube
• Brakes: none
• 1 ea. -Side mount kit
• Bolt Pattern: 5 on 4 - 1/2" (with standard studs)

It was $269 delivered in 2014.

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