Picking a trailer 4x8

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Picking a trailer 4x8

Postby haha49 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:55 pm

So I want to build a teardrop the same size of a standard sheet of plywood. It seems to be the size for me I'm really tall so I want the length. The width is so the trailer wheels line up with the tow car (5ft). I'm just having a hard time finding a trailer that will work I want alunium to save wait and so it wont rust I only seem to find steel trailers. I've saw 1 trailer with a flat bed which was solid steel That would of worked good but I still want an alunium trailer. I want to build it light weight so I'm going to be hollowing out the walls filling them with foam I want something small compact and easy to tow. I also want to be able to unhook it and move it with a single person if I get stuck on say a logging road they can be very narrow. I'm also only building it for 1 person so no need for a queen size bed just need the length not the width. I sleep on 1 side of a queen bed already I use a small section of the bed.
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Re: Picking a trailer 4x8

Postby WizardOfOdds » Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:50 am

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Re: Picking a trailer 4x8

Postby aflaude » Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:54 pm

I built a 4 x 9 on a harbor freight trailer (the 1100 pound payload folding model). I hung the extra foot (the frame is 4x8) over the tongue which made the wheels look farther back for promotion. I bought a 4 inch foam with 2 inch temper foam (total 6 inches thick) mattress from Wal Mart and cut it to fit the interior width of 45 1/2 inches by the full 75 inches long. Perfect for me alone. The wheels don't track my Jeep width but it pull nicely. I get the same gas milage with or without the trailer since the Jeep is both wider and taller so the teardrop fits in the wind shadow.

Northern Supply has a 5 by 8 for $100 more than the Harbor Freight and the wheel track is just about the same as most cars. Good luck
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