Jerry can holder over fenders

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Jerry can holder over fenders

Postby sned » Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:48 pm

Has anyone mounted Jerry cans on fenders for water storage?

I have a Northen Tool 5x8 trailer and thinking about mounting Jerry can holders to right and left fenders and will also screw the holders to the side of the TD for strength and stability. The fenders should hold the weight with issues and screwing the holders to the TD will keep them stable.

Other then the containers being out in the sun what are you thoughts on mounting water containers over the fenders?
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Re: Jerry can holder over fenders

Postby capnTelescope » Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:53 pm

Shower's ready when you are! :thumbsup: Paint 'em black.

:thinking: On second thought, too hot to hold and refill your water tank? How about a drink of nice hot water?

:thinking: On third thought, adds about 100 pounds to trailer weight. Or the back end of the TV. Do you really need 10? gallons of water?
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Re: Jerry can holder over fenders

Postby Grunt1776 » Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:57 am

The fenders may hold the weight, but being in the sun all day long will make them very hot to the touch and the water will be hot too! :shock: What about a couple lengths of 4" PVC or ABS pipe cut to the width of the trailer, the one end of each capped and the other ends capped with a fitting and ball valve or hose valve? :thinking: You would mount them under the frame and secure them to the frame with u-bolts. The 4" diameter is small enough to keep them from hitting anything and at 4 or 5 ft long would hold quite a bit of water! Plus they would keep the weight low and being out of the sun they wouldn't get hot. You can fill them up when you leave home and just keep a short piece of hose with a fitting on it with you to fill up whatever container you want to use at the campsite, easy peasy! :D
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Re: Jerry can holder over fenders

Postby troubleScottie » Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:28 pm

So doing the math. Assuming that the inner diameter is really 4", you can fill the entire volume with water, and a gallon of water occupies 231 cu inches; then 1 foot of pipe holds 0.65 gallons ((pie * 2 squared ) square inch * 12 inch)/ 231 cu inch per gallon = 0.65 gallon)

Four foot pipe is 2.6 gallons and five foot is 3.2 gallons.


How do you vent the pipes? Having a value on one end only, means there is air trapped in the pipe when filling or a vacuum when draining. I am assuming you are pumping the water out.
Can you over pressurize the pipes? The original description is not a gravity feed.
Do you have a value per pipe or a centralized valve? Multiple valves will slow the fill process and make you have to move connections as you drain it.
Is the pipe safe? I am reasonable sure PVC/ABS is no used for potable water. Drains, yes. Potable water, no. Of course, if this is for showering, maybe it is fine.
If the pipes are partially empty, does the weight shift when stopping/starting/climbing/descending make a difference? Every water tank to some extent has this issue. But a standard tank has approximately the same center of mass or it is only moving a short distance. Is that why suggesting only a 4 or 5 foot pipe and not 8 to 10 foot pipe? Or is the weight insignificant given the partial volume?
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Re: Jerry can holder over fenders

Postby KCStudly » Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:18 am

The PVC pipe tank thing is popular with some. I suspect that this is because it is something that they may be familiar with. On the surface it seems like a cost effective solution that can be done by most handy people.

My way of thinking is that it is a horribly inefficient use of the space and probably not that less expensive, if at all, than just buying or building a proper rectangular water tank (unless you already have all of the supplies "left over"). $0.02.

Yes, run a vent to a high point, don't coil the vent line or allow low points in it; you don't want stagnation. Probably not a bad idea to have access to the vent when you are sanitizing, either. I would put a breather filter on the vent as well.
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