Repacking bearings

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Re: Repacking bearings

Postby swoody126 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:37 pm

dancam here is a cross section pic of a typical inner hub grease seal


you can see how the rubber portion is tapered to provide the protection i was mentioning

sorry i couldn't post this pic earlier PHOTOBUCKET wasn't playing well with others

the blue shaded part is the metal component that holds the rubber in place

the small round part is a spring that holds the rubber against the spindle

note the tapered inner point which actually contacts the spindle whre it allows the older grease to escape

any time you do pull the hubs it is not wrong to take a bit of fresh grease and wipe the inner surface of the rubber which allows it to play more friendly

here is a blow up of a common hub assembly


the shapes can differ slightly butt the order of assembly is always the same

¿ clear as mud, now ?

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