some specs on the 4x8 Tractor Supply Trailer

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Re: some specs on the 4x8 Tractor Supply Trailer

Postby Kharn » Fri May 17, 2013 8:23 pm

My Tractor Supply has a 4x8 No-Floor model sitting in their parking lot, I guess TSC and Carry-On have decided to bring them back. I keep forgetting to call the store about special-ordering a 5x8 No-Floor, Carry-On says its normally stocked by Northern Tool but any TSC can order it. (which would be very helpful for me, as I drive past a TSC every day on the way to work, while the nearest NT is ~4 hours away)

ETA: I finally managed to get a number out of TSC, the 5x8NF would cost around $800 if I had them special order it. :shock:
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