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Postby stupido » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:34 pm

Just want to complain. The local Harbor Freight finally took down the sign that they could not sell trailers due to the recall and put the trailer prices back up. They had a 40x48 at a clearance price of $128 and a 4x8 at 199. Thought about it for two weeks and decided to buy both. Went to buy them and nope, still on recall. 30 minute drive for nothing. Worst thing is as my SO says on the 4x8, but you were going to replace them with bigger tires and wheels. The 40x48 I was going to use for a garden wagon and to take to the lumber yard to get bags of concrete (2 miles at 35 MPH, who cares about highway rating). But of course they will not sell them to me. I understand the regulation, but please put the sign back up.
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