Slipper vs shackles, and equalizers..

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Slipper vs shackles, and equalizers..

Postby rebar » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:21 am

I'm having a custom 7x16 narrow track enclosed trailer built for the yukon highway, so I can specify axles etc.. Since I'm installing two 50 gallon water tanks and the trailer will be packed with as much glamping gear I can stuff in plus a few motorcycles, Ive decided to over build and install two 7k 8 lug axles, on 3500 or 4000# springs. No torsion axles or independent please..

That's as much as Ive decided so far, and now need to pick which style or manufacturer of leafs I want.

Someone suggested slipper springs and I see redline makes a slipper equalizer kit, but suggests shackles are better.

And others have suggested dampened equalizers like the LCI Equa Flex or CRE3000 by morryde.. Lippert makes another called the Centerpoint equalizer which uses air bags instead of rubber.

What bullet proof Tandem leaf spring suspension would you suggest?

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