Greetings TnTT World!

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Greetings TnTT World!

Postby Idragon » Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:31 pm

Greeting's 8) All,

I am a Newb to the blog, but I have a lifetime of experience and long years logged camping. From miserable "let's just bring a knife and a string and survive" when I was 12, to everything from Medieval Pavilions (I was and remain that "beyond the dice" rolling Geek (go Pennsic!!) lol), Bivy's, Tarps, Hammocks, primitive shelters, Lake George Islands etc. till now when a "not set or carry" situation sounds like the next step.

My oldest son did his first 5 mile overnight on the AP when he was 4, with his "full on" Snoopy backpack, loaded with his own gear (and he just "finished" his first "Ironman" at Lake Placid at 23 :cry: ),So when we left NY for a small town in CT (with a second son now :shock: ) and not having anything else to do, we joined the Scouts. A year or so later (sized up and due to my history) I was officially volunteered to be the Scout Master for Troop XX in XXXXXX and it was / is and has been a great part of my life. I didn't learn much in the BSA LOL (I was hooked on the lifestyle when I read "My Side of the Mountain" in the 5th grade), but boy did I bring a lot of old school love to the table when I did. I have enjoyed the time, and met great people and made great friends, shared in the raising of at least a dozen amazing Eagles (two of my own and some who won't let me retire before their own BSA Court of Honor). So, camping and outdoor / survival skills / first aid / fishing & Hunting / Did I mention that I am a Chef & a Cast Iron GOD! lol, are a part of my soul!

That being said:

Hi!, I'm Drew. I am on my way, already have great tales and pics on my build (haven't even started construction yet....on my TDT.

Sink / Done / Tractor supply feed pan with drain and plug (to grey water tank (on the shelf)

Stove / Done (two burner vintage "Sears / Hillary" perfect condition, $20.00 Craigslist.

Trailer / Done (re purposing my own HF trailer that I have had for years.

FRP Shell / Was debating Pros and Cons of FRP & PMF when I acquired (18) 8' x 4' FRP panels for $35.00 total at Restore!

Mattress / Older buyers of a never used pop up didn't like the Mattress it came with replaced it with a posturepedic. Free / Craigslist.

Shower / Zodi Two Burner. Love it and have for years since I bought it, finding a new Teardrop Home.
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Re: Greetings TnTT World!

Postby pchast » Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:53 pm

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