Greetings from western North Carolina

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Greetings from western North Carolina

Postby 7sparky7 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:45 am

Hi all,
Leonard here,
I’ve enjoyed skimming the surface of some of the topics available and appreciate those who take the time to share their knowledge on here so far. I look forward to delving in deeper, and sharing my experiences as I build out my travel trailer. I plan on purchasing a featherlite V-nose 6 x 12 cargo trailer this winter and converting it to a travel trailer. I plan on getting one with a ramp back door that I can open as a impromptu deck/porch when it’s appropriate. I’m looking to incorporate a composting toilet and some sort of inside/outside shower capability and also look to have about a 400 or 500 amp hour lithium-ion battery bank, solar charged with about 600 W of solar panels. Those are two main areas I look to learn a lot about before diving in, as well as insulating and vent and window installations.

I am a licensed electrician and built the home I live at now back in 2008, 1200 ft.² off the grid, passive and active solar. Off grid living is a wonderful thing!

I’m initially going to be looking at any projects someone has done on a travel trailer very similar to what I am planning on and then expand out from there for details.

I’m looking forward to this project, and hitting the road part time, and coming back to my stomping around several months out of the year to earn some money from my paying gig to support my travel habit.
Thanks again to all for sharing their knowledge, past, present, and future.

On a more personal note, I’m single, and look forward to traveling and exploring new places nationwide. I love hiking and being out on the water (lake or calm river) and plan to always have a sea kayak or two with me. I also plan to have a mountain bike for exploring with. I’m an eclectic music lover, and music festivals always make my ears perk up!

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