Hello from the Charlevoix area Quebec

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Hello from the Charlevoix area Quebec

Postby Lucky J » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:14 pm

Hello to all.

First, I would like to thank Mike for letting me in on this forum and this nice group of people. I think I will be able to find a lot of information here that will help us modified and customized out TD.

I am not planing a built, time was to short, so we purchased a 2017 T@G Max outback last june. Even if it came pretty well equiped, and with bigger tires and a heavier duty suspension, many things were not to our requierment, and since we are planing to keep it for a long time and use it to explore forest service road and the continemt, we want a capable offroad TD that can do it all.

So, some mods have already been done, but other major one are still coming.

Pictures will come, but until them, I already know I will learn a lot from you guys. Cause basicaly, I consider the TD like a shell that need to be outfitted to do what we like.

Hope I will be able to help as well! 8)
Luc Levesque
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Lucky J
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