Hello from Tx

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Hello from Tx

Postby mrcreepy » Sun May 17, 2020 8:11 am

Just wanted say hello!

I don't currently own a usable TD, but may be purchasing one for us (wife, boston terrier and myself) in the near future. Mainly something to sleep in and if the weather gets bad a place to ride out some rain. We're currently considering a Little Guy Rascal, but haven't actually seen it in person yet.

I attempted a frame up build a few years ago, and while it gave us an opportunity to see if a TD would work for us, my skills and knowledge needed for building one was a bit lacking. It eventually developed a leak at the seems and started falling apart.

Anyway I'm interested in learning a little about adding minimal 12v and shore power to a pretty basic trailer. 110v for ac, tv, roku and 12v for an overhead led light, vent fan, and charging for phones. Ideally I'd like to a refrigerator as well, but not sure I can make room for one.

My tow vehicle will either be a 2dr Jeep Wrangler JK, or our Chevy Traverse.

BTW:In case you were wondering, the screen name is due to my love for Halloween and owning/running a haunted house.
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