Wenzel 1887 cast iron set in wooden box

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Wenzel 1887 cast iron set in wooden box

Postby newfieinsookebc » Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:50 pm


I picked up a Wenzel 1887 cast iron set in a wooden box last weekend while at an antique store.

It's got a camp dutch oven, dutch oven vinyl carry case, 3 skillets with carry case, and a reversible griddle with vinyl case for a camp stove.

It needs to be seasoned but I thought I got a good deal on it despite it being China made instead of American made. I have read on other forums that it might have been sold at Costco or Wal-Mart within the last few years.

Anyone have any experience with this particular cast iron?
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Re: Wenzel 1887 cast iron set in wooden box

Postby vladadog » Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:26 pm

So, despite the "1887" isn't not really made in 1887, right?

I know some modern cast iron is pretty thin which means it doesn't cook as well but I've used plenty of new stuff that was just fine. And personally I prefer to not get 'pre-seasoned" stuff; I'd much rather season my cast iron myself. I looked on eBay and the set looks nice and I like that it all packs away in a wood box, that's a very little extra!
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