cooking time surprize

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cooking time surprize

Postby ae6black » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:04 pm

Trying to get used to cooking with DOs has been fun. Tried all kinds of new recipes and have had pretty good success if I say so my self. The recipes on this forum are awesome. While at home I generally place the DO in a cake pan to hold the bottom coals and then sit it inside my gas grill and close the lid. It normally takes about an hour to cook most of what I cook and I've still got plenty of heat left in the charcoal. This summer I cooked on the ground while out camping. Again, I had the DOs sitting in a cake pan to keep the bottom coals off the ground and the normal amount on the lid. I thought it was a fluke that it took so long and that I had to change the charcoal when I'd never had to change charcoal while sitting it in my gas grill at home. (Gas turned off of course). Just bought a Camp Chef DO table and tried cooking with it this Hunting season. I made a considerably taller wind screen for it to rival the one offered by Lodge. I started my dinner, the Easy Potato Bake recipe and the Corn bread in a twelve inch and ten inch lodge DOs respectively at about 6:30 PM. The corn bread wasn't done until about 8:15 and the Easy Potato Bake wasn't done until about 9 PM. It wasn't windy, it was about 24 degrees F. but is this normal taking so long? I was using about 28 coals for the twelve inch and about 24 for the ten inch each time. Three coal changes for the 12 inch and two for the 10 inch. In fact when the corn bread started getting done, I transferred most of the coals onto the top of my twelve inch to help it get done so I could eat my dinner before midnight.

What's your experience with cooking times?

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