4th Annual Home Built and TD Gathering

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4th Annual Home Built and TD Gathering

Postby irgod32 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 8:23 pm

Here we go again folks!
The time to reserve your spot for our 4th annual Home Built and TD Gathering is coming up March 17th 2020. We are allowed 6 months in advance to reserve our spots, so reserve early for SEPTEMBER 17th, 18th and 19th weekend! Don't snooze and loose out! :worship:

In September 2019, we all met and shared our trailers with one another. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy our discussion and conversations on what you all added to your trailers. There are so many little tricks you can do to make your trailer so personal. I'm sure we've all experienced someone coming up to you whether at a campsite or at the gas station asking about your trailer. For 10 or 15 minutes, the curious may get to ask you a few questions and maybe see a little of what you've done, but at our gatherings we all get to see all the glorious details you put into each trailer.
Home Built and Original TD trailer gathering is for everyone interested in sharing their small camping trailer. This years gathering is again at the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=546). We usually reserve the loop 2-52, and I usually get space 50. Look at the website map and try to get a spot close to that area so we all can be close. Come have fun camping with like minded people and share your trailer. We will arrive Thursday Sept 17th and depart Sunday Sept 20th.
We try to minimize group activities so that everyone is free to explore the surrounding area. Santa Cruz Boardwalk is about 35 minutes away, ROARING CAMP RAILROAD is not far from Henry Cowell Redwoods SP, and the town of Felton is a attractive place to visit with restaurants, stores and markets. Plenty of hiking can be done or just sit and relax at your campsite in the tall redwood trees.
Thursday night will be a settling in and relaxing night but feel free to wander and meet other small TD campers.
Friday morning and afternoon is a good day to check out the surrounding areas, Felton, or The Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Friday night Sept 18th we will have a meet and greet with your favorite (BYOB) beverage, we sit and chat for a bit and share stories.
Saturday morning and afternoon is all yours to explore as you wish but Terry will be hosting another Sit-N-Paint Saturday afternoon (So BYOB). I'm not sure what the art project will be but I'm sure it will be creative. Saturday night will be a Pot Luck where you can bring your favorite quick fix camping dish, and we sit around the campfire and share stories of our builds and travels. I hope to have better questions for the group to answer and share.
Sunday, is a sad day, we pack and head out to our own worlds and lives. Soooooo....! All that being said, I hope to see you all there again.
See you all in September!!!!
REMEMBER! March 17th is the first day to reserve your happy little spot at Henry Cowell Redwoods SP for September's gathering, so set an alarm be ready to reserve you spot! :twisted:
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